Get ready for a Europe-wide treasure hunt! 🔎

This year’s Code Week Code Hunting Game has been fully revamped. The game can be played on your own time, at home, individually or in team, simply by talking with a Telegram bot and looking around a treasure map! 🗺

What do you need?

Not much: you’ll simply need a Telegram account and a Telegram client application, either on your PC/Mac or on your mobile phone (Android/iOS). If you’re playing using your phone, you’ll also need a QR Code scanner (they are usually integrated within your phone’s camera). Check out the requirements page for more information.

How does it work?

Easy-peasy. To join the game, scan the following QR Code with your mobile phone. (Note: if you’re playing with your desktop computer, you can simply click on the QR Codes instead!)

Code Week 2020 game start code

This should automatically launch the Telegram bot and let you register to the game.

The Code Hunting Game will send you on a search for 8 significant locations in the history of coding and computer science in Europe. Each location will be suggested by the bot with a (very) vague set of hints. The bot will also give a link to an online map: try to find the location following the bot’s hints. Google is your friend, remember! If you think you guessed the right location, click on the map icon and follow the QR Code (scanning or clicking it).

At the end of the hunt, you’ll be awarded with a final riddle and, if you complete it, a participation certificate! 🥇

Have fun!