Are you ready to organize a Code Hunting Game for Code Week 2019?

Great! Let’s bring this year’s Code Week to the next level together: join the glocal Code Hunting Game on 18th October, from 11:00 to 13:00 CEST. In that timeframe, all registered game sessions will take place simultaneously across Europe. The event in 2017 was played by more than 1000 total participants over 22 local games, all competing against each other to reach the final prize. 🏆

To join the glocal event with your local game session, create a new game by scanning the following code:

Code Week 2019 game creation code

The game creation process and the rules for players are exactly like in standard “free to play” Code Hunting Games, except that games all start at 11:00 on 18th October 2019. Check out the game creator guide if you need help. We also prepared a special Code Week game creator guide (PDF) you may find helpful (it was written for the 2018 event, but it is still up to date).

If you join the event, do not forget to pin your event on the Code Week map! 🗺