Do you want to play?

Follow these easy guide to be prepared for your Code Hunting Games experience.

Overview for players

The game is designed for teams of players (ideally composed of 2–6 people) competing against each other in solving coding riddles and in searching for QR Codes (see an example), which are hidden by the game’s organizers around a given location.

After a given number of QR Codes have been found and riddles have been solved (usually around 10), the teams are directed to a final location and must solve one last coding riddle. The first team solving this riddle as well wins the game!


There are a few requirements to be able to play the Code Hunting Games. At least one person per team (the so-called “team leader”) must satisfy these requirements.

It is best to make sure you’re ready for the game beforehand, ideally where you have a Wi-Fi connection to the Internet.

A Smartphone

Any smartphone that has a camera and can use the Telegram Messenger is good. Known supported operating systems are:


Telegram is a free instant messenger that can be found on the iTunes App Store, Google Play Store or Microsoft Store.

To use Telegram you will have to log in with an account, if you already have one, or sign in with a new account. You will also have to provide your phone number to activate Telegram on your device. This messenger service will be used also to follow the Code Hunting Game through a public channel, so even if you’re not the team captain you can still follow the game’s progress.

A QR Code scanner app

A QR Code scanner is a barcode scanner that can recognize the square barcodes that are used in this game.

There are many QR Code scanners on the various app marketplaces, so we will suggest the ones that work best:

Internet connection

The game uses a bot on Telegram to communicate instructions and information to the players, and this requires an active Internet connection.

In some indoor areas cellphone coverage might be lacking: in this case check if there is a Wi-Fi connection nearby. Also, remember that communication with the Telegram bot is buffered. If you scan a QR Code or solve a riddle but there is not Internet connection, move to an area with data connection coverage and wait for the Telegram app to send out the message.

How to Play

The “team leader” of each of the teams need to register to the game before his or her team can participate. This special QR Code will be presented by the organizers of the game, either physically or by publishing it online for future participants.

Any QR Code of the game must be scanned through the leader’s smartphone, using the QR Code scanner application. Once the code is scanned, the smartphone should automatically switch to Telegram and start a conversation with our Telegram bot, @treasurehuntbot.

The registration process is composed of the following steps:

  1. Solve a simple coding riddle to begin (based on the CodyRoby rules).
  2. Choosing a name for the team.
  3. Specifying how many people are in the team.
  4. Sending a picture of the team.

Once the team is registered, follow the instructions by the organizers: usually all teams gather at a known location at a certain time and date, in order to start the game together. Once there, the organizers will show another QR Code that is used to start the game.

During the game you will be repeating the following actions:

  1. Find and scan a QR Code, hidden somewhere around a geographic position that the bot will send you (in the form of a pinpoint on a Telegram map).
  2. Taking a selfie at your destination.
  3. Answering a coding-based question.

Locations are picked randomly for each team, so there’s no use following other participants other than your teammates.

Once you have solved all riddles, you will be sent to the final location and solve one last riddle, in order to complete the Code Hunting Game!


Check out the video below, which shows how a Code Hunting Game works in practice.

You can also follow us while watching the video: hit up the demo bot and scan the QR Codes you see during the video.

Have fun and good luck!